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Do you want to secure your future with a tangible and stable investment? What if I said the same investment was uncorrellated to conventional investments and work well as a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation?

And most imporantly: If I said that you could get these benefits without compromising on your return on investment, would you say I'm crazy?!

I thought so...

The truth is that collectable coins have been a great investment for centuries, but few people have known this. The world has changed though, and now anyone can take advantage of this world-class heritage asset. And, thanks to the internet, I mean literally anyone, whether you're based in the UK or Japan, South Africa or Russia. 

Speaking about globalisation - because of Britain's long history and hundreds of years as a world power, British coins are sought after world-wide and thus particularly well positioned to continue on a positive trend for a very long time. 

The combination of increasing demand (growing audience, increased interest in alternative investments) and a fixed supply (there are only that many quality coins to buy) bring coins on par with other top performing alternative investments classic cars and fine art. 

Further, being illiquid assets coins do not experience bubbles like conventional investments do, such as property and stocks. This is likely going to change when investment funds get involved.

Lately investment coins have started to generate the interest in media they deserve. Knight Frank mentions coins in their wealth report every year and so does RBC Wealth Management and Capgemini in their annual wealth report. Coutts measure coins as an object of desire in their Coutts index. Stanley Gibbons are tracking the top 200 investment coins in their GB200 Index. 

This is just the beginning. Start investing in a heritage asset with the ultimate WOW factor, learn more about coin investment with The Coin Cabinet Investments.


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