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What to collect or invest in?

Deciding what to collect or invest in is a fun exercise!

For example, do you and your family descend from a famous person many generations back? Or perhaps your great-great-grandfather came from a different country?

These could give you a foundation of interest to spur you to find out more information and seek out specific coins relevant to this particular person or event.

The opportunities are endless, when I started buying coins I loved the look of King Frederick’s I of Sweden riksdaler (a crown-sized coin, similar to the German thaler). This evolved to over the years form a fairly complete type collection of Swedish riksdalers.

While enjoying this pursuit I made a considerable profit when I decided to pass it on and start buying other types. This strategy can be employed successfully with almost any type of coin, but for the best returns you may want to speak to a coin expert who can advise you.

It's nice to make a profit, but we prompt you to have fun and buy something that interest you. Because the opportunities are endless you don't necessarily need to compromise on this. As with most things in life, real interest will generate knowledge and this will pay off in the long run.

Andreas Afeldt
Director and Founder, The Coin Cabinet


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