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Episode 14

Episode 14: Unboxing of a PCGS slabbed Collection of Gold Coins

Posted on August 1, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet


View an unboxing of a PCGS slabbed collection of gold coins, including some sovereigns and half sovereigns. One of the benefits of dealing with slabbed coins is that they can be bought without seeing them so I’m seeing the coins with you for the first time!


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Andreas here from The Coin Cabinet. Welcome to this unboxing. I bought a collection yesterday and I have not seen the coins myself. That's the benefit of buying and selling when the coins are slabbed, because you don't need to actually view the coins. So I'm watching these coins for the first time with you guys, and I'm just as excited as you are basically.

So let's start this with box number one, and here we have a very modest 500 kroner piece from Iceland, which is slab PCGS MS67. It's not a fantastic coin by any means, but it is high grade and it's obviously a discussion of price, but it won't be much more than the gold price for that.

Cuba, five pesos, 1915. Nice coin. And then we have a 1916 10 pesos, 1963 half Krugerrand and 1995 MS67 very nice. Here's the 2003 half Krugerrand. Half ounce of gold struck to a proof finish and look at that brilliance and the contrast between the proof fields, which plays around in light. Beauty to see. Contrast with the portrait and devices and both of those in reverse. And if you, Yeah, it's like a mirror. Nice, Nice.

Usually people collect the full Krugerrands, but collectors tend to forget that the Half Krugerrands are actually have much lower mintage in some cases, so they are in that sense more collectible and you can pick them up for a fraction over the spot price, gold price sometimes. If they are a slab like this one PR69 deep cameo, you could probably still pick one up for, let's say, a hundred pounds over the gold price or something like that for some dates. Not all dates. Here's another one, 2000 and here is a full Krugerrand 2017 and this one has the 50-year mint mark. The first year the Kruger rand was struck was 1967 so they made a anniversary, 50 year anniversary piece, in 2017. It was struck with a limited mintage of 100,000 pieces. So that one a little bit more value.

Here is the 1820 half sovereign in PCGS mint state 63. What a brilliant coin. Look at that. Oh, that's quite nice. From 1820 as well, that's almost 200 years ago, like it was made yesterday. George the Third with Pistrucci’s famous bust like a Roman emperor and the much coveted 1817 full sovereign piece in VF 35 and I bought this coin not thinking much of VF 35. It's not a high grade, of course, but looking at this coin right now, I am quite pleased with it actually because it has some lustre and yeah, it's quite nice. I'm happy with that.

A half sovereign 1926 AU58. It looks like it might be an impaired proof even. We'll have to look that one a bit closer up later on.  And the first date, 1838 full sovereign another popular piece. Yeah, not too bad. 1842 full sovereign AU53. Yeah. Nice piece. AU53 isn't, of course, a brilliant grade, but sometimes you can have a bit of lustre coming through. You can have nice details in the hair. I think this is a nice coin. AU53 in this sense is, it's one of those grades can be nice, it can be less nice, but in that case, and in this case as well, they look okay and the other one was a bit better.

So I hope you enjoyed this very casual unpacking of the first box, which showcases a little bit of what we do here at the Coin Cabinet. We deal in sovereigns and British coins, but also world coins. And we do focus a lot on gold. So if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below or hop on our website, give us a call and we look forward to hear from you about anything you wonder about coins.

Thanks for watching. Look at our other videos and go to the www.coincabinet.co.uk, and see you soon.


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