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Episode 13

Episode 13: George III Halfcrown in Mint Condition

Posted on July 30, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet


View this close-up of a George III halfcrown 1817. Pistrucci’s portrait does make him look like a war hero despite the fact that the king was bold, fat and mentally unstable!


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Hi there and welcome to the Coin Cabinet YouTube channel.

 Andreas Afeldt here again and today I have a George II half crowned in mint state, or good, extremely fine, and we're going to take a look at this coin.

Well, I quite like this coin. It's George III's bust by Benedetto Pistrucci, which is a typical neoclassical design where he is being displayed as a Roman emperor even though he was actually bald and overweight and mentally unstable. He looks like a war hero on this picture, which is of course much nicer. The adverse reads, Georgius III Dei Gracia. That means George III by the grace of God. And the reverse then continues Brittaniarum Rex Thiede Def, which stands for theedy defensor. Which is king of the Britannia's and defender of the faith.

And it's a nice piece. It's got nice mint lustre. It has a little bit of peripheral toning and good details. It is a coin which would cost you probably about 500 pounds, a bit less or a bit more sometimes in auction, but generally a nice piece. And from the same date there exists a second type, which is a larger bust. So there's actually two busts and this is marginally more valuable than the other bust, which is called a large head. So this is a small head. Thanks for watching this short video showcasing a selection of our stock. We have a coin cabinet, a dealer in quality, British and world coins. And if you have interest in anything that you have seen in this video or any other video, please leave a comment in the comment section below or go to our website and find our contact details there. We hope you enjoy this and be sure to watch our many other videos on great coins. Look forward to seeing you.


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