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Episode 15

Episode 15: 2019 Gold 5 Pounds Queen Victoria's birthday Struck on the Day 24 May 1819 The Coin Cabinet

Posted on August 8, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet


This 5 pound piece was struck on 24th May 2019 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birthday. Join me in opening the Royal Mint original packaging for the first time in this video.


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Hi there, and welcome to The Coin Cabinet's video channel. My name is Andreas Afeldt, and today, we're going to be looking at the proof five pound, struck to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birthday in 1819, so stay tuned for more.

So, this is how the coin was issued in the box from Royal Mint. I'm going to open it with you and show you also a couple of things about how to handle a coin when it's raw and not in a holder, so here we go. We just open it on this side. Then, there's an inner box, which looks like this. There's a little information book, which shows what this is about, Queen Victoria's birth, the life of Queen Victoria. Quite a concise little thing. Very nice. Then, this protects the luxury wooden box, and then the box comes out like this. Then, that's what the coin looks like. I'm going to take the coin out as well and just show you how to handle a coin if it's raw. It's a lovely box, by the way.

This is the obverse of the coin, of course, and Queen Victoria. This is the fifth portrait of the Queen and novelty proof with a nice cameo contrast. Because it's a raw coin, you can hold it by the edges, but there is a way to turn the coin actually if it's raw, which just saves you touching it at all, which is quite simple, and that's how it's done. Probably, more of you have figured that one out, but perhaps somebody learned something new today.

So, this has some information about Victoria. Nice design, popular piece. There was a sovereign as well struck, the BU matte, matte BU coin with a plain edge, was struck on the day to celebrate the 200th anniversary as well, and that has also been very popular. That coin sold recently for £750 on eBay, and the issue price was 500 at the Royal Mint website, so already within a month, it's already gone up almost 50% in value. That's the five pound 2019 with all of the information as given by the Royal Mint.

So, thanks very much for watching. This particular coin is not available, but we do have a stock of the special designs, and this is one of the special designs. So, contact us if you have any interest of this coin or any other coins, and keep an eye on our channel for more videos. Bye for now.


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