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Episode 17

Episode 17: 2017 Gold 5 Pounds Proof and Prooflike next to each other in PCGS slabs | The Coin Cabinet

Posted on September 9, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet

Here we take a look at both the Proof and Prooflike versions of this popular, special design struck to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the modern sovereign.


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Hi there, and welcome to The Coin Cabinet's Channel. My name is Andreas Afeldt and today, we're going to have some close-up shoots of the 2017 200 Year Anniversary Sovereign. Well, actually, it's a five pound piece, two of them, so stay tuned for more information.

So I've got two five pound pieces. One of them is a proof, and the other one is a deep mirror prooflike. A deep mirror prooflike is labelled as BU; brilliant uncirculated. And they were issued in five pound boxes on their own, and the five pound proof coin was only issued in sets of five, with the two pound sovereign half sovereign and quarter. It's a very popular design because it is paying tribute to the original reverse designed by Benedetto Pistrucci. And as we can see, PCGS, they put the reverse of the coin facing front, which celebrates this special design in a very good way, I think.

Very popular coins. The proof is graded 69 Deep Cameo and the deep mirror prooflike is graded MS 70, so that has the top grade. The value of these coins are actually quite similar. The deep mirror prooflike, in 70, they have sold between two thousand and two and a half on eBay, and the proof PR 69 should be worth around two and a half thousand pounds as well. So quite similar in value. Obviously the proof 70 is worth a bit more than that, so three to three and a half for that.

So thanks very much for watching this video. Contact us if you have interest, and then make sure also to keep an eye on our channel. We will have other similar videos coming out shortly, so stay tuned for more and thanks very much again, and bye for now.


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