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Episode 12

Episode 12: Sweden 2 Kronor 1878 Brilliant Uncirculated – a Real Beauty!

Posted on July 30, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet


This coin stared at me from 5 metres distance and I just had to buy it! View it with me and enjoy the lovely surfaces of this spectacularly minty specimen.


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Hi there. It's Andreas Afeldt from the Coin Cabinet again. Today, I have a very special coin from Sweden, which I'm going to show you an amazing close-up video, and I hope you will be just as excited as I was when I picked up this coin this weekend.

I was so pleased when I saw this coin in a coin show recently. It kind of looked at me. I saw it from about five meters' distance, because it's such a shiny and beautiful piece. Great contrast between the portrait and the fields. It just sort of stared at me, and I had to buy it.

It's one of those coins which is very common in lower grade, but, in this grade, they're extremely rare. I mean, you struggle to find any marks on this coin, and you wonder how it survived in this amazing quality. It must have been handpicked from the belt or maybe ended up on the top of the coin bag, where it was shot out of the minting process.

Lovely lustre. A little bit of toning towards the edges of the coin, and such an eye appeal. It's just one of those coins that you have to buy when you see them - if you're lucky enough to be the first who sees them, because you would think that anyone who would see this coin would just have to buy it. That's what I think.

So, for my Swedish crowd and collectors of Scandinavian coins, here's one for you. It's a better date. It's not the best date, but it's a slightly better date. Normally, you would see the 1876, if it's the first head, like this one. But 1878 is a bit better.

There's two varieties of this coin. There's the Sweden [foreign language 00:02:34]. There's [foreign language 00:02:36] which is an abbreviation of [foreign language 00:02:40]. The other type is displaying the full [foreign language 00:02:45], O-C-H. That coin is extremely rare.

This coin, in this grade, is worth about two thousand pounds. A bit more, maybe, in auction.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, because I like coins of this quality from any country and any time. Isn't it lovely?

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