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Episode 18

Episode 18: 1989 Gold 5 Pounds PCGS PR70 DC 500 Years’ Anniversary of the Sovereign | The Coin Cabinet

Posted on September 20, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet

View closeups of this very popular piece in the finest possible grade PCGS Proof-70 Deep Cameo. 1989 is the first special design released by the Royal Mint and it proved to be a real success. Since then they have released many special designs and the more they bring out, the more value is added to the first of them all! The 5 pounds, or quintuple sovereign piece, is among the rarest in this collecting field and it is a truly astonishing coin, the design one of the most popular on modern coins.


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Hi there and welcome to another video on our channel. This one is about the very popular 1989, 500-year anniversary of the Sovereign. Stay tuned.

So here it is the 1989, 500 year anniversary of the Sovereign and this is a five pound piece and it's slabbed by PCGS proof 70 deep cameo. It's the highest grade that you can get on a coin and it is one of the most celebrated designs there is and one of the most beautiful and modern designs. It pays tribute to the first sovereign that was struck in 1489 and it shows the facing image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second at the coronation seated in the King Edward's chair having received the sceptre with a cross and the rod with a dove.

The sceptre signifies royal or imperial sovereignty, and that was also why the coin was named Sovereign in the first place back in 1489. As part of the coronation service, the monarch is anointed with holy oil, then invested with a number of ornaments after which he or she in this case is crowned. Queen Elizabeth coronation in 1953 is one of the grandest such services in modern times and it was the first to be televised and broadcast around the world, so it was viewed by millions of people.

And this coin is a design by Bernard Sindall and he was a sculpture and he won this design in a competition and 5,000 coins were struck in 1989 and the value now is, for a PGCS proof 70 deep cam £5000 or £6000.

So an extremely popular piece, definitely one to keep for the future, a great investment considering that there is not that many coins in proof 70 and yeah. Thanks very much for watching and stay tuned for the next video.


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