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Episode 11

Episode 11: Norway 50 Ore 1885 Top Grade of a Rare Date

Posted on July 26, 2019 by The Coin Cabinet


This low mintage key date of the Norwegian Oscar II series is being filmed close-up. Let us know what you think!


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Hi there and welcome to The Coin Cabinet YouTube channel. My name is Andreas Afeldt and today I have a Norwegian rarity to show you, which you don't very often see at the market. I picked this up for a reasonable price in A&A at the World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia this weekend.

This is a 1885 Norway 50 ore piece. It is a real rarity and something I was very pleased to pick up at the A&A World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia in the US. I had to pay very good money for this coin, but I thought I would have a go because it's so nice and it's a real rarity. It's the key date in the series. It has the lowest mintage, and it is quite an expensive piece. In this grade, it should be worth about 4,000 pounds in the Norwegian market.

And now let's look at the reverse. It's got lovely lustre, beautiful toning, good details, a nice uncirculated piece. Great Rarity. Oscar the Second was actually the king of Sweden and Norway. In 1905, finally, the Norwegians voted out of the union with Sweden and became independent, and they are celebrating that day on the 17th of May still. It is the national day.

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