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How to register and bid

The Coin Cabinet holds monthly 0 % Buyer premium auctions. Here is everything you need to know about registering and bidding. 

PLEASE NOTE that an account created on our retail website at https://thecoincabinet.com/ (or .co.uk) cannot be used to log in to the auction website at https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/ or vice versa. When logging in to bid in our auctions, make sure you are at the auction website.

Account sign up (link)
To use the auction website you need to sign up for an account. At this stage we only need your name and email address. Choose a password that's easy to remember and accept our terms and conditions.

Register to bid in an upcoming auction
You need to have completed above step to continue with your bidder application. Being logged in to your account on https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/, click on 'Register to bid' or any 'Bid now' button you can see. Every lot will have a bid button and they will all take you to the same Bidder registration form. Here we need your full contact details and we may contact you to verify the details provided, including asking for numismatic references and/or bank references. 

PLEASE NOTE: we have to manually approve you as a bidder before you can place any bids. Our aim is to approve you as quickly as possible so you can start bidding, but it may take 24 hours or longer, so make sure to do this well in advance. Applications received once an auction has started may not be approved at all since we will be busy with the auction and not have the time to do the due diligence necessary to approve bidders. All bidders have to re-apply for every auction for security purposes, although your details will be saved in your account so after the first time your application can be done in a few seconds.

Once we have approved you as a bidder, we have noticed that it takes a little time for the system to update. After your Bidder approval confirmation email has hit your inbox, the fastest way to get stuck in bidding is to log out of your account on https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/ and immediately log back in again.

Placing bids
Absentee bids can be placed shortly after the auction is listed and we aim to list auctions 16 days before auction date. Bids placed during this pre-bid period will display on the auction website and if you are outbid you will receive notification via email and/or App depending on your usage and preferences.

Live auction bidding
On the last Sunday of the month, usually at 3pm UK time, the live auction starts. We sometimes use an auctioneer and then normally holding the auction on multiple platforms such as The Saleroom and Invaluable. If we use an auctioneer we will broadcast the event via live streaming and this could be entertaining to watch, although it does take a bit longer than our single-platform online only auctions.

PLEASE NOTE that you need to be well awake and switched on to bid live as we allocate only 10 seconds per lot with fair warning at 5 seconds. Depending on your internet connection, computer speed and browser you may have no more than a few seconds to place your bid! While we could increase the time to 20 or 30 sec. per lot, we have huge respect for our bidders time on a Sunday afternoon as family matters and other obligations often take priority.

We have had multiple reports of errors, mainly with using the Android App, but also on Apple or Web. For our developers to have a chance of fixing any issues please make a note of the lot number and if possible take a screenshot and describe the issue in as much detail as possible when contacting us (preferably by email to contact@thecoincabinet.com), including mentioning your Phone model, operating system and version (App/web) and web browser. 

The developers continually make improvements to both the App and web platform. It's worthwhile checking in every month to make sure you have the latest version on the App, by going to the Apple Store or Google Play and type in 'The Coin Cabinet auctions' and update to the latest version. 

Bid steps
Our system do not accept uneven bids, for example placing a £730 bid isn't possible. The bid will be rounded down to the nearest even bid step, £725 in this example. See below our bid steps

£1-£20 bid step = £1
£20-£50 bid step = £2
£50-£200 bid step = £5
£200-£500 bid step = £10
£500-£1000 bid step = £25
£1000-£2000 bid step = £50
£2000-£5000 bid step = £100
£5000-£10000 bid step = £250
£10000-up bid step = £500



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