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British 2017 Gold 5 Coin Proof 'Long' Sovereign Set from Royal Mint - Hottest Set since 1989

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As a rare coin dealer I feel almost embarrassed to talk about modern Proof Sets and Royal Mint 'products' with much appreciation.

But in the case of the 2017 5 coin proof set I must admit that they have done a good job. Not just the box looks good, but the actual coins are quite astonishing. Personally I really like Benedetto Pistrucci's original design found on the early sovereigns of the 'New Coinage' and although the image of St. George and the dragon has been reworked slightly, it certainly brings you immediately back to 1817. Of course this has been the intention, to draw a circle around an impressive 200-year production cycle.

At the London Coin Fair this weekend, I decided to make a short video about the set, as the light was good and I realised how pretty the coins are and quite frankly because I was bored (I thought holidays were over in September?!) 

In my opinion, this is the hottest set produced by Royal Mint since 1989, both in terms of quality and relative rarity. Only 750 sets were issued and anyone with an inkling of understanding of supply-demand economics knows this is a recipe for great buzz and booming prices, especially since the £5 'Quintuple Sovereign' was not issued in any other sets nor on its own and the fact that all British Proof coins (especially £5!) have gone mad in last 5 years.

Originally sold at the Royal Mint website for £3,295 (sold out quickly!) this set sold for £5,300 and I expect the price to continue going up...

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