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Episode 4

Episode 4: British Victorian Gold Sovereigns Shield Reverse Great Investment Gold

Posted on September 2, 2018 by The Coin Cabinet


A nice selection of Victorian shield sovereigns feature in this video. 1840s sovereigns have become scarce in the last few years and I was pleased to pick these up at the ANA in Philadelphia for less than they cost here in the UK. Buying shield sovereigns for investment is a great long-term strategy in my opinion as you have both collector value and gold bullion value to fall back on.


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Hi there, it's Andreas Afeldt at The Coin Cabinet again. And today I have a selection of gold sovereigns, all shield backs, which I'm going to show to you close up.

I picked these coins up at the A and A in Philadelphia this weekend, and they are a mixed bag, some really nice ones, but they're generally from 1840s or they are from scar states. Here's my, about 10 or 15 or so different shield sovereigns, which I was able to pick up at decent prices. And they're all from the A and A World's Money Fair in Philadelphia. 

Here's an 1847, which is slabbed AU 58. I paid 350 pound for this coin. I think it's quite cheap. And here's an 1859, MS 60, 1859 is a scar state as you probably know, or some of you knows. In this grade it's very rare. And this coin, all of these coins are actually available to purchase if any one of you would be in need of any of these dates. So do let us know in that case, just write in the comment section below.

Here's an 1858, another scar state. Average grade. The F coin. And is it 1843 or '45? I think '45, yes. Average grade as well, about very fine, maybe good fine. 1840s is just generally how they come. But a decent coin.

And 1852, in quite a nice grade. That's in good VF. And then we have another 1840s, 1843 this time. I like to buy the 1840's whenever I can if the price is anywhere near decent. Because people like the 1840s, they're becoming more and more scarce. Usually if you buy 50 or 100 in a lot, you won't get any from 1840s because the dealers tend to pick them out. So that's always nice. An 1850 is another scar state. And here is an 1887, and very nice coin. About EF, has a bit of a ding there on the reverse. But still a nice coin. And here we have an 1844. There's some varieties in these, in the dates. This is a small date. Not much to say about that. Decent coin, about very fine.

And then we have this, 1849. Not a scar state. Good coin. And then we have another few of these 1880 in Australia, 1886 is also Australia. And then we have 1882, another Australian. They're all decent. That, another sort of EF coins.

Thanks for watching this short video, showcasing a selection of our stock. We are The Coin Cabinet, a dealer in quality British and world coins. And if you have interest in anything that you have seen in this video, or any other video, please leave a comment in the comment section below, or go to our website and find our contact details there. We hope you enjoyed this and be sure to watch our many other videos on great coins. Look forward to see you.


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