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Episode 3

Episode 3: 5 Pounds Proof 1937 Gold Coin Slabbed PR63 CAMEO PCGS and NGC Side by Side

Posted on August 23, 2018 by The Coin Cabinet


Two slabbed Proof 5 Pound 1937, both graded Proof-63 Cameo, one from PCGS and the other from NGC. We put them next to each other and compare the grade. Although in the same numerical grade, often two coins in the same grade can differ considerably. Which one do you prefer on this occasion?


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Hi there and welcome to the Coin Cabinet YouTube Channel. My name is Andreas Afeldt and today I have two graded, 1937 £5 Proofs, one from PCGS and one from NGC and they are both Proof 63 Cameo.

So I picked up these coins at the A&A in Philadelphia and the price was right, so I thought I would give it a go and the quality was fine. So we start with a PCGS coin. It's a Proof 63 Cameo designation. It is a good piece. It's not the best grade, obviously 64 or 65s would be obviously considerably more as well. This is on the lower price end. Retail is about six and a half thousand pounds at the moment. They have gone up quite a lot in value and now they've sort of stabilized a little bit in the last six months.

It's a nice coin. 5,001 coins were minted. They were all minted in four-coin sets with a £5, £2, sovereign and half sovereign, and it's quite a popular piece. All the proof £5 are quite popular for both collectors and investors. So that was the PCGS Proof 63 Cameo. And you can see the cameo there. It has a good contrast between the portrait and the fields, that's what the cameo means.

Now I'm going over to the NGC coin. NGC, 1937, Proof 63 Cameo and yeah, this has, in my opinion, a bit better eye-appeal than the PCGS coin. That could be for several reasons. I think that the PCGS coin actually has some residue. It might have been touched, got some finger marks or there's some little bit of marks in the fields. Not marks, maybe, just could be some residue or someone might have even spilled something on it a long time ago or sneezed on it. Who knows? This one looks a bit cleaner. It's got a really nice cameo actually. This could probably have been a 63-Plus actually. I'm not going send it in to get it bumped up half a grade because I've already sold it, but I'll show it to you before I send it off.

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