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Are you new to the world of numismatics and want to learn about the process of buying and selling coins? Or are you looking to find out more about how buying and/or selling from The Coin Cabinet is different to other dealers? In this section of the website you will find all the necessary information about buying and selling with The Coin Cabinet, along with useful tips and tricks from the trade.

All of the following articles can be found under the tab "How to buy & sell".

For buying information click here or select "Buying from us" under the tab.

For selling information click here or select "Selling to us" under the tab.

For information about coin collecting in general, click here, or select "History of Coin Collecting"

For information about investing in coins please go to the Investment section of the website by clicking the tab "Invest" and select one of the many articles found there.

For help on grading, or to understand our grading policies, click here or select "Coin Grading" under the "How to buy & sell tab".

If you have specific questions that you can't find the answer to, or don't have the time to look around for it, we look forward to receiving your call or email. Find the contact details here or click on the "Contact" tab.


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