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Bulk Premium Grade Great Britain Victoria 1850s Gold Sovereign Random Date


Product Description

GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria, 1837-1901. 
Gold sovereign in bulk, Shield reverse. Random dates 1850-1859. Premium grade. The image is representative of the quality. 
Weight: 7.988 gr.
Diameter: 22.05 mm
Metal: 916.66/1000 gold (22 carat)
AGW: 0.2354 oz. fine gold
Price varies on quantity:

Price for 1-2 coins: £330 each

Price for 3-5 coin: £323 each

Price for 6-10 coins: £317 each

Price for 11+ coins: £310 each

VAT and Capital Gains Tax exempt. Price guarantee and buy-back offered. Contact us for details.
1850s gold sovereigns are currently the 2nd best performing decade after 1840s. Antique Gold Sovereigns, minted during the gold standard, has excellent investment qualities as demand for the coins is two-fold: gold investment demand and coin collector demand. For a small premium over bullion you will get a piece of history that is likely to go up in value over time and outperform gold bullion investment. This is simple supply-demand economics at work: as no antique gold sovereigns can be produced, the supply is finite and demand is consistently growing.
In the 1850s, a lower income wage would have been around 1 sovereign per month and a bank clerk or shop-keeper would have been doing well to take home 1 sovereign per week. Inflation was low in these times due to the gold standard, by some described as ‘the most perfect monetary system humans have yet created’ (Forbes article, Jan 2013). The quick industrialisation of Western Europe in the 19th century has been attributed in part to a stable currency and ease of cross-border transactions.
The Gold Sovereign was first minted by Henry VII (1485-1509) in 1489, its obverse a beautifully ornamented depiction of the ‘Sovereign’ (himself), crowned, sitting on the throne, holding orb and sceptre. The reverse shows the shield of arms of the House of Tudor, set in an embellished Rose, the symbol of the famous House. 
After passing the Coinage Act in 1816 sovereigns were produced (from 1817) with the current weight and measurement. The new sovereign was expected to have a life span of ca 15 years before it would be worn down to less than the 'least current weight' of 7.93787 grams (0.280000 oz). The gold sovereigns is protected by the Coin Act of 1971, specifying its exact weight to 7.98805.


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