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Copper Coin Production During The Hanoverians: George I, II and III.

This is an extract from the article A Brief History of British Regal Copper Production during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries which forms a part of the project The Coins of Colonial and Early America, by the University of Notre Dame. The full article is published on their website, link here.In 1717 a royal warrant proclaimed [...]

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Why should you invest in gold?

Protection against inflation and currency depreciationSince currencies were lifted off their peg to gold in 1971 prices have risen consistently because of inflation. What Nixon then referred to as “The New Economy” is a fiat economy fuelled by consumption and sustained by debt. With real wage growth turning negative in 2008-9 and ongoing currency wars, [...]

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Spanish Colonial Gold Coinage - The Gold Doubloon

Spanish and Spanish colonial gold coins were minted in denominations of 8, 4, 2, 1, and 1/2 escudos, . The doubloon was a two-escudo or 32-real gold coin, weighing 6.77 grams (0.218 troy ounces). Doubloons were minted in Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Nueva Granada. The term was first used to describe the golden excelente either [...]

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6 Quick Tips to Coin Investing

Whether you are investing to diversify your portfolio, save for your grandchildren or just because you have a general interest for history and heritage, there are many things to think about to ensure a good long-term investment. Read on for our top 6 tips on how to successfully invest in coins.- Choose a field that [...]

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Welcome to The Coin Cabinet new website!

It is with pride and pleasure I can announce that now The Coin Cabinet new fresh website is live! We hope that this will prove more user friendly than the old website. Please contact us with any suggestions on improvements!

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