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Verona Coin Fair - Veronafil 27-29 May 2016

What better way to combine business and pleasure than to enjoy lovely Italian food and weather, while spending a good couple of days browsing what the coin dealers of Italy have to offer?The idea to come to Verona for the Veronafil stamp and coin fair came about during the Kunker spring auctions in Osnabrueck back [...]

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Live auction bidding - how much is it worth?

Have you ever bid in auction and received an invoice with charges that you were made unaware of? Or perhaps you just generally have a negative view on the live bidding platforms' fees of using their services? Read on for my views on this subject.Usually in the 2-3 % region, it has become the norm [...]

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Coin Auction Platforms - which auction platform is best?

Do you find yourself a bit lost in the online auction world at the moment? With all the auction houses and live bidding platforms out there it’s not easy to go through them all. Or perhaps you are a coin dealer who is thinking about launching your own auctions? Read on as I will have some [...]

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Gold breaks out of its misery

This week it happened --what every gold coin collector has been waiting for since gold started sliding downward back in 2011-- a breakout and the start of a new trend.Since 2013 gold has been in a trading channel tilted firmly downwards. This week prices broke out of this channel with conviction, which points to a [...]

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Now is the time to sell stocks and buy investment grade coins

It’s now been almost 10 years since the crash in 2007-2008 and with the recent declines in stock markets we now ask ourselves ‘Is it now time for a bear market?’. After all most bull markets last less than 5 years and when we see the below chart we have to think about cashing in [...]

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Slabbed coins - pros and cons

Is it worth slabbing coins in the UK? What are the benefits of slabbing coins?Slabbed coins – coins in a secure plastic holder with a designated grade by a third party professional authentication and grading agency – are slowly becoming more of a normality in the UK. It used to be a sign that a [...]

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Make someone happy with a gift that has real value

I thought it would be a good idea to offer the Christmas shoppers an alternative to the regular consumer presents - collectable coins! That is why I decided on a Christmas Coin Auction, ending in the evening on Sunday 20th December. Guaranteed delivery before 25th December within UK if payment is made within 24 hours.A [...]

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Gold demand down in Q2 as slide continues

Gold Demand Trends from World Gold Council came out for Q2 2015 today, highlighting the lowest quarterly demand for gold since 2009. (Link to the full downloadable report here)Recently we have seen the gold price battered as a strong US dollar has been driven by positive economic data and the likelihood of interest rates hikes ahead, signalling a [...]

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German Minister of Culture Monika Grütters has proposed a new legislation that, if implemented, will have enormous repercussions across all fields of collecting - not just in Germany and not just in coins. At this initial stage we collectors need to make our voice heard and make sure that the petition will not go any further. The [...]

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Gold coins - A brief history

Most people are aware that gold is a good way to protect your investment portfolio, but few know that particular collectable gold coins could be a much better option. I am releasing a number of articles where I will provide you with the necessary information, along with examples of which coins to buy, in order [...]

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